Telescopic crowns


The secondary crowns are invested with rema® TT. This investment material is highly suitable for casting CoCr telescopes due to its high overall-expansion and a fine corn size. The special hints for the concentration of the mixing liquid must be observed inside the instructions for use.

A control cylinder (available at company Dentaurum) can be used to check the expansion values.

Important hints in order to achieve a precision fit:


  • handling of the resin
  • working temperature of powder and liquid (20 – 22° C)
  • precise mixing ratio of powder and liquid
  • constant mixing times
  • muffle system (with metal ring, ring-free, ring size 3 or 6)
  • speed preheating or conventional preheating
  • investing under pressure (higher concentration of the liquid)
  • components of the alloy
  • diameter, length and wall thickness of the crowns (in case of narrow dies or thick crown walls increase the concentration of the mixing liquid)