We are delighted to present you with the third edition to the remanium® kompendium series.

This manual complements the existing books, “Crowns and Bridges” and “Cast Partial Dentures”. It gives both young trainee technicians and experienced all-round technicians a comprehensive view on just what can be realized with remanium® nonprecious metal alloys.

This book comprises the most important aspects of prosthetic applications for which removable dental restorations are fabricated. All procedures are clearly represented including telescope technology, other precision attachments, bars and lockable attachment solutions. Short advice and tips provide additional information on how to fabricate very high quality dental restorations in an uncomplicated manner.

All the manuals share the same style, strong visual illustrations with a limited but informative, written text. It is this concept which makes this dental technical “picture book” such a useful reference book.

Today, remanium® alloys are used worldwide a million times over for conventional cast metal denture technology as well as in porcelain-bonded, fixed dental restorations and, as shown in this manual, for combined techniques.

I hope all our readers enjoy “browsing” through and that the manual proves itself extremely useful throughout everyday working life.

Thomas Schneiderbanger
Product Manager – Dental Technology