Milling tools

Milling tools:

Wax-milling tool cutters have a special geometry according to their purpose. The recommended rpm is approx. 3000 min-1.

You can also use twist drills for milling 0°.

Milling cutters for metal:

The quality of the milling tools has a direct effect on the result of the milling surface. It is recommended to work at 8000 – 50 000 min-1 depending on the diameter of the milling tool and the type of milling machine.

Rotations, which are too high cause a “whiplash-effect”, especially when working with thin milling tools.

Diameter of the shaft: 2.35 mm or 3 mm?


Most dental milling machines are supplied with a practical quick-chuck for shaft diameter 2.35 and 3 mm. It isn’t advantageous to work with a shaft diameter 3 mm in regards to the turning precision of a milling tool. Thin milling tools with a shaft diamter 3 mm are bent just as easily due to high rotations and high pressure as those with a shaft diameter of 2.35 mm.