Prefabricated attachments: dent attach V

Refractory model and wax-up

Refractory model made of rema® dynamic S.

The base-thickness of the refractory model should be at least 15 mm for a sufficient expansion in the area of the transversal connector, which is a precondition for a gap-free fit of the latter after the cast.

 rema® Exakt F, an investment material also suitable for this technique.

Power liquid, a concentrate for extending the expansion.

After fabricating the refractory model and allowing sufficient drying time, the borderline of the transversal bar and the shoulder attachments are signed.

The wax-up of the transverse bar and the shoulder-attachments.

A sufficient thickness of the transversal connector (approx. 0.8 mm) should be considered in order to avoid torsion of the denture due to masticatory forces.

The spruing...

 …in detail.