Cast Partial Dentures

Cast Partial Dentures


Following the success of the first edition “Crowns and Bridges”, the remanium® kompendium series now continues with its second edition called "Cast Partial Dentures".

The concept remains the same, in that the main emphasis is placed upon the illustration and not the text. In this manual the fabrication of a cast partial denture is presented in a clear and demonstrative manner. Important and useful tips are highlighted, thus making this volume an excellent reference book. This manual is not intended as a text book replacement.

For this reason, theoretical principles are simply skimmed over, the main core topic is the actual practical procedure.

The entire technical procedure is shown step by step from the first model analysis, with its fundamental principles, to finally polishing the metal framework. A description of various types of clasps and a range of practical examples complete the concept.

For many decades now, Dentaurum boasts a leading position with products to offer in the field of cast partial dentures. For many, this topic is still of great interest, despite the introduction of new technologies and despite the fact that a cast partial denture with clasps is now aesthetically inferior to other techniques.

This brings us to the next edition in the series which is already in the pipeline - "Milling Technique".

The brand "remanium®" has always stood for highly biocompatible alloys, which are easy to use and enable detailed and highly elastic constructions to be realised.

Over the years, these alloys have undergone consistent further development and today cover the entire spectrum of non-precious metal alloys both for removable restorations and also for fixed ones.

Dentaurum not only offers its customers first class products, but also dental, technical, material advice and support.

The hotline is available to answer any questions which may arise regarding processing and implementation of Dentaurum products.

I hope both newcomers and advanced technicians profit from and thoroughly enjoy reading this fascinating masterpiece.

Thomas Schneiderbanger
Product Manager - Dental Technology