Conical crowns

Wax-milling of the primary conical crowns

The primary conical crowns are milled with exception of the premolar.

Then hold a wax-scraper 0° next to the canine conus from the mesial side ...

...and turn the model mesially in an angle of 4° - 5°.

 In this way, the premolar 25 is set upright and also milled with a 6° angle.

The disadvantages of milling the 6° angle is the undercut present in the marginal area of the canine, which may later result in a visible metal margin.

That’s why the decision was to work in this case with 2° tools though the metal margin of the premolar in the distal non-visible area would be higher.

Primary conical crowns are exclusively milled without a shoulder. A shoulder milling would prevent the wedge effect in an early contact with the secondary crown in the shoulder area.

Wax-milling of the primary conical crowns with a 2° angle.

The milled wax crowns made of StarWax M are then invested and cast in remanium® star.