Channel-shoulder attachments

Wax-milling of the crowns for the channel-shoulder attachment

The disadvantage of shoulder attachments is the visible metal portion in the occlusal area of veneered crowns. As a modification the attachment can be milled without occlusal shoulder in connection with an extra-coronal attachment.

Wax-up with StarWax M.

Generally it is recommended to make a full wax-up with milling-wax for a perfect integration of the shoulder-attachment into the tooth shape.

 Aligning the depth of the interlock.

Occlusal alignment of the interlock.

Control of the wall-thickness.

Wax-milling of the shoulder for the interlock with a shoulder-cutter.

Drilling the interlock with a twist-drill.

Opening the interlock with a scalpel.

Milling the shoulder-attachment and the cervical step.

Scraping the occlusal shoulder with a modelling instrument.