Cast Partial Dentures

Fabrication of the upper cast partial denture using silicone duplication

Wax-up of the clasps and border lines

Carefully melt a little wax using a hot wax knife around the outer edge of the clasp tip in order to prevent possible detachment during investment later.

When adapting the prefabricated wax patterns – in this case a molar clasp – always start with the clasp tip and then continue, stabilising with a finger.

Adapt the clasp crisply around the tooth along the marked guidelines.

Occlusal rests and small connectors are secured into place with a hot wax knife. Ensure that the small connector is of rigid design and dimension!

The clasps – in this case premolar clasps – lie crisply against the tooth, without requiring hot wax fixation.

The border line is constructed using 0.8 mm thick wax wire.
The final edge is adapted up to the clasp shoulder.

Finally the edge is finished by sealing with hot wax and then restructuring the veined appearance using a carving instrument to achieve a clean and precise juncture.