Cast Partial Dentures

Fabrication of the lower cast partial denture using gel duplication

Fabrication of the refractory model

 Use a mixing machine with a strong vacuum to prevent bubbles!

Mix the investment material for cast partials – in this case rema® Exakt F – with the correct liquid ratio.

Fill the investment material quickly into the mould using light vibration.

This investment material has a quick setting time. The reason for this is to avoid moisture absorption from the duplicating gel.

 Remove the model from the mould after approx. 40 min.

 Carefully cut around the outside of the duplicating gel and break away!

By using high quality materials and observing the instructions for use, accurately detailed reproduction is guaranteed.

If the reproductive quality of the duplicating gel begins to deteriorate, it’s time to renew the gel. Never mix old gel together with new gel!

Handle the unhardened model with care! If the model is trimmed in this condition, blow thoroughly clean with compressed air!