Cast Partial Dentures

Fabrication of the upper cast partial denture using silicone duplication

Surveying the clasps

In order to measure the clasp tip, place the relevant undercut gauge at the tooth equator and slide upwards until the edge of the gauge touches the tooth.

Place the 0.25 mm undercut gauge in contact with the mesial area on the tooth to be clasped. On premolars and in the case of an E clasp, roughly divide the tooth into the active and passive parts of a clasp arm.

Mark this point additionally with a pencil.

Using the documented lines, the exact path of the clasp can be marked on the tooth.

Ideally the upper section of the clasp arm should be slightly above the equator.

 Use the 0.35 mm undercut gauge to mark the undercut areas of a molar in preparation for an E clasp.

The path of the clasp should be somewhat adapted to the anatomical shape of the tooth. It is important that the upper section of the clasp arm is not in the undercut area.