Cast Partial Dentures

Preparation of the model for duplication (upper and lower)

Determining the ideal path of insertion

1. Tilt from a horizontal position to the side


larger undercuts in the mesio-lingual side of the molars.


larger undercut area on the buccal side of the left premolar.

2. Tilt from a horizontal position towards anterior


Larger undercut on the mesio-buccal side of the right premolar.

Path of insertion:


  • Initial position: horizontal model position

Aligning the model in order to achieve:

  • sufficient areas of retention
  • an aesthetically pleasing clasp position, close to the cervical area of the tooth
  • closure of gaps in particular in the anterior region

The path of insertion is mainly adjusted to create more advantageous aesthetical solutions, especially in visible areas.

The models are tilted so that the clasp arms lie close to the gingival margin (min. distance of 1mm).

In the lower jaw, the retention area is often on the lingual side of the molar.