Cast Partial Dentures

Fabrication of the lower cast partial denture using gel duplication

Melting the gel in a microwave

 Dry the model using a towel. Compressed air will cool the model too much!

In the meantime prepare the duplicating gel: Cut up the solid gel (in this case Dublitop®) and place in a microwaveable container.

 If the gel has been used frequently, add some water to improve the consistency!

 Melting the duplicating gel in the microwave saves time and is gentle to the material

Melt for 1 to 2 min at maximum energy!


 Mix and then repeat for approx. 1 min until the material rises.

After having been melted in the microwave, ensure that the material cools down to 50° C using a thermometer to check for accuracy.

Melting in the microwave is a good, fast alternative!