Cast Partial Dentures

Fabrication of the upper cast partial denture using silicone duplication

Wax-up of the base

The base is marked on the model according to the required statics.
From the middle of the model, the base should be designed as symmetrically as possible!

Wax-Fix is a thin flowing wax adhesive which allows wax and acrylic patterns to adhere to the model.


The relineable area is blocked-out with molten wax up to the sharp edged boarder.     

The base is strengthened, in this case using smooth sheet wax, thickness 0.4 mm. The wax is adapted slightly shorter than the end of the actual base.

The loop retentions are placed over the relineable areas and connected to the main plate by melting the wax at the juncture.

Veined sheet wax – in this case a thickness of 0.4 mm – is carefully positioned and adapted starting from the deepest point of the palate.

The contours are cut accurately at the previously marked edges.

The desired texture can be selected from a range of fine, medium or coarsely veined or grained sheet wax.