Cast Partial Dentures

Fabrication of the upper cast partial denture using silicone duplication

Preparation for the refractory model

Spray a thin film of silicone and wax surface tension reducing agent Lubrofilm® or Lubrofilm® plus into the mould and allow to dry thoroughly!

Residues containing alcohol could damage the surface of the investment material! For this reason always blow completely dry!

rema® dynamic S

A universal investment material for cast partial dentures, which can also be used for speed pre-heating!

Please observe the instructions for use!

For consistently good results!

Measure the exact amount of mixing liquid according to the instructions for use and ensure of a consistent working temperature (18-22 °C)!

Pour first liquid, then powder into the mixing beaker. Mix the material well in the vacuum mixing machine (AIRVAC 2002) for 40 seconds!

Always ensure the mixing beaker is used exclusively with phosphate bonded investment materials! Plaster residues will damage the investment material!

Pour the investment material quickly into the silicone mould using light vibration!