Cast Partial Dentures

Fabrication of the upper cast partial denture using silicone duplication


rema® dynamic S is an investment material for cast partial dentures, which achieves perfect casting results using the standard pre-heating method as well as with the speed pre-heating method.

Always follow the instructions for use carefully to avoid unnecessary failures!

The required amount of mixing liquid must be measured exactly using the practical measuring beaker (free of charge from Dentaurum)! Invest the wax pattern quickly under light vibration!

Always rinse the measuring beaker clean after use! Liquid residues turn into crystals within the beaker and can therefore falsify the expansion values.

Trimming the base of the ring enables gas to escape and therefore enhances the flow of molten metal.
This also increases the investment mould stability.

When using the standard over-night, preheating method, place the investment mould into the cold furnace and heat up with holding times to the final temperature!

When using the speed pre-heating method, please ensure of the correct mixing liquid for the ring!
Follow the recommended setting time!

The end temperature can be adapted according to the torque of the centrifuge. With less efficient casting units it may be necessary to raise the end temperature!