Cast Partial Dentures

Fabrication of the upper cast partial denture using silicone duplication

Preparation for silicone duplication

Working steps for the upper cast partial denture using the silicone duplication method.

Condition the model using a separating agent called “Septisol“ so that it can be removed from the silicone mould more easily later.

Spray very lightly and ensure the model is completely dry in order to avoid any possible reaction with the duplicating silicone!

The Siliform flask (3 sizes available) is used for economical duplication. Always use the smallest flask possible!

Attach a ventilation duct made from Gumex N to the model, so that it can be removed from the duplicated mould later using compressed air.

rema® Sil is used, a very soft and quick setting duplicating silicone.

  • Shore Hardness 10
  • Removal after 12 min at 22 °C working temperature!

The extremely thin flowing silicone is mixed at a ratio of 1:1.

It is possible to mix by hand, however the vacuum mixing machine is a better alternative. It is also possible to use a mixing unit.

Store silicone at room temperature! Cooled silicone takes much longer to set!

Mix the material to a bubble free consistency in the vacuum mixing machine for at least 40 seconds.