Cast Partial Dentures

Fabrication of the upper cast partial denture using silicone duplication


If the object is sandblasted thoroughly, then trimming and finishing is easier and less time consuming and the electrolytic polishing can function in areas which are difficult to access.

A large range of different trimming and finishing instruments is available. This shows just a small selection.

Trim the cast sprue attachments with a ginding wheel.

The boarder line can be processed using a separating disc.

Use an inverted cone shaped diamond sintered bur for areas which are difficult to access.

A round head tungsten carbide bur can be used to re-define the veined structure.

Trim the edge of the metal base using a diamond sintered bur - highest degree of stability and effectiveness.

Round off the junctions.

Grind the occlusal rests.

Finely trim using pink stone burs!

Remove tiny casting bubbles using a fine round head bur.